Suzy Lamont

Here’s my style reflected in these seven images.

Suzy Lamont is a professional self-taught photographer located in the Frontenac County and Kingston, Ontario areas. Her photography career began over 18 years ago on a trip to France with a borrowed 1957 Yashica camera and from then on has been inspired by how she sees and photographs life and light through her camera. Photography has provided Suzy with opportunities to meet new people, create new pieces and share captivating stories in a universal language. Whether it be a conceptual art piece or an editorial assignment, there are many layers that enhance connection and spark dialogue. She is drawn towards fashion and architecture and loves making portraits while also dedicating time to community projects. Suzy has a personality that exuberates kindness, adventure, spirit and familiarity, which is exemplified through her work and projects. Photography for Suzy is meant to capture time, play with light and express emotions. She is grateful to explore this world everyday. 

Suzy also enjoys sharing her photography with those around her and contributes her time giving back to her community.  In honour of her mother and other women affected by breast cancer, Images of Courage: photographs of women beautiful and raw was Suzy’s first show. Through this show, she dedicated a year towards raising awareness and money for Breast Cancer Action in Kingston. She also taught and shared photography by volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club in both Kingston and Tanzania, Africa. For Suzy, the opportunity to communicate and share skills and artwork with young enthusiasts from two different continents was a rewarding experience. Continuing her teaching efforts, Suzy offers workshops and courses independently and teaches at St. Lawrence College, she also focuses on mentoring students for community events like The Crystal Ball. Suzy began her career being mentored by a fellow photographer and friend; she brings that into full circle by continuing to mentor and contract work to her students from 2013 and 2015. 

She does valued work with the Kingston Economic Development Corporation, Frontenac County, Frontenac CFDC, Partners in Mission Foodbank, and Edible Ottawa alongside other establishments such as Queen’s University and the Smith School of Business. Suzy’s latest private commissions was a 6’ limited edition art print from her series, Walking on Eggshells, and for The Frontenac Club, Kingston’s first boutique hotel. The Frontenac Club, located in the heart of the historic downtown Kingston, was an exciting commission for Suzy as forty editorial art images were selected from her body of work to dress newly restored rooms with hints of past guests surfacing through the owners’ and her artistic vision. Through her photography, Suzy Lamont continues to be a bright light in her community and effortlessly captures beauty and the essence of her subjects in the view of her lens. 

10 questions asked by my friend Marla:

What’s on your desk? Two Macs and a lot of papers. I am teaching four classes this term.

What’s in your camera bag? Canon everything.

What’s your favorite Lens? Today, a 50mm.

How long have you been photographing? 19 years, 14 professionally.

Where would you like to photograph next? Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

What skills would you like to master? Film making.

What’s your favorite part about teaching? That lightbulb moment when a student sees an image and learns how to make a photograph of it.

What hangs on your office walls? Photographs I’ve made of my family/friends, a Trophy Wife Barbie image, and art my son has made.

Do you have a favorite image? Do you have a favorite kid (wink)? I do love an image I took of a friend, she’s looking out of our hotel window in Paris, 2001 (The Beginning). It was made on a 1957 Yashica camera.


My photography represents my style, and how I see through my lens and make my images. I hope you enjoy my work and today.