Suzy Lamont

Here’s my style reflected in these seven images.

10 questions asked by my friend Marla:

What’s on your desk? Two Macs and a lot of papers. I am teaching four classes this term.

What’s in your camera bag? Canon everything.

What’s your favorite Lens? Today, a 50mm.

How long have you been photographing? 19 years, 14 professionally.

Where would you like to photograph next? Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

What skills would you like to master? Film making.

What’s your favorite part about teaching? That lightbulb moment when a student sees an image and learns how to make a photograph of it.

What hangs on your office walls? Photographs I’ve made of my family/friends, a Trophy Wife Barbie image, and art my son has made.

Do you have a favorite image? Do you have a favorite kid (wink)? I do love an image I took of a friend, she’s looking out of our hotel window in Paris, 2001 (The Beginning). It was made on a 1957 Yashica camera.


My photography represents my style, and how I see through my lens and make my images. I hope you enjoy my work and today.