Suzy Lamont

Here’s my style reflected in these seven images.

10 questions asked by my friend Marla:

What’s on your desk? Two Macs and a lot of papers. I am teaching four classes this term.

What’s in your camera bag? Canon everything.

What’s your favorite Lens? Today, a 50mm.

How long have you been photographing? 19 years, 14 professionally.

Where would you like to photograph next? Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

What skills would you like to master? Film making.

What’s your favorite part about teaching? That lightbulb moment when a student sees an image and learns how to make a photograph of it.

What hangs on your office walls? Photographs I’ve made of my family/friends, a Trophy Wife Barbie image, and art my son has made.

Do you have a favorite image? Do you have a favorite kid (wink)? I do love an image I took of a friend, she’s looking out of our hotel window in Paris, 2001 (The Beginning). It was made on a 1957 Yashica camera.

Any tips? Keep your batteries charged & cards clear. Also pack scissors & tie wraps in your camera bag


My photography represents my style, and how I see through my lens and make my images. I hope you enjoy my work and today.


The Golden Rules of Suzy Lamont

Entering her 15th year as a professional photographer, the adventurous spirited artist shares her ways for living life…

  • Take a moment for you every day. Do whatever soothes your soul i.e.mediate.
  • Move. Around the subject you are photographing, and from your desk (often).
  • Enjoy nature. Go for a walk, take a bike ride, go skiing – I love just being on my porch, especially on those warm rainy summer days.
  • See the beauty in every day. Through my lens, my mirror, my family, my world.
  • Purge annually. Right now, I am removing (giving/thrifting away) 100 things from my house (large & small). I love white walls and minimal to zero knick knacks.
  • Give gifts of time. Spend time with & celebrating family/friends.
  • Surround yourself with friends. Share time with like-minded, positive and encouraging friends. I have fantastic friends to grow and laugh with; we also set goals every three months and check in to support one another.
  • Change what you don’t like. Work on it until you do like it. It may take years, don’t give up.
  • Follow your intuition. If you see a shot, take it – go back for it, pull over for it. I once placed first in a photography contest (and won $2500). I saw the shot, I pulled over for it – it took all of 10 minutes. I often unplug from technology to remove that kind of noise, so that I can hear myself; allow my intuition to surface.
  • Be Kind. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Bonus:  About me: I can be found wearing red lipstick and heels in my home office, just for me (sometimes paired with sweats). I wear a scent that I blend myself (it’s Top Secret).

More About Suzy:

~Whitney Haynes, Whitney Haynes Design

Suzy wears killer black boots (circa 2000), denim, often paired with linen and a stunning Belstaff jacket. And if nothing else, bright red lips and large shades. Suzy has a small footprint with simple wants, and a small wardrobe, but laces it with vintage designer labels; less but more of the good stuff!  She’s an Artist female warrior with a passion for Sunday night football.  Bazaar/Porter/Vogue to the yummiest of organic farms.

She’s a Laugh out LOUD kind of gal.  Live in the Moment: Organic eggs for breaky (saving her eggshells for her Walking on Eggshells series) and chips and dip for dinner or a fine glass of red and posh poutine shared over laughs with friends.

~Jon Allison, BackCountry Branding

I hire Suzy for her perspective, style, and approach (photography as art).

…but I would also add that she and I geek out over the depth of meaning in art (photography or design), so for projects that have the depth, we make a great team!

~Jen Sutherland, Jen Storey Designs

Suzy’s passion, excitement and knowledge of photography surpasses any other. Her style and guidance during shoots is amazing. She also makes me look incredible with zero edits!  Pure talent!